Arkansas Governor's Quiz Bowl Association -


Changes to the original game format for Regionals (which will happen over a Friday-Saturday period):

A Zoom platform with a physical buzzer system will be used.

Each team will play 4 games against the questions (i.e. similar to a practice). The team with the highest total points of all 4 games will be 1st, then 2nd highest will be 2nd, etc.

There will be 1 moderator reading to each team. The moderator will read all 4 games to the team.

A camera will need to be on the entire team. All players must be in the same location as per AAA ruling.

Round 2 will only have 4 toss-ups with 4 bonuses to unlock (e.g. if a team misses one of the toss-ups but gets the other three toss-ups correct, they will only receive three of the bonuses).

The lightning round will be played as 10 toss-ups after the team has chosen their topic with no bounce backs (there is no team playing directly against you). The round will act like a 10 part bonus (5 seconds to answer after each question is read; there is no minute timer).

The captain will need to say "Answer: ________" in rounds 2 and 3 so that the moderator can distinguish between an answer being given and conferring with teammates.